h02: U.S. Tax Returns, Player Salaries, Probabilities

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HW 02

Read all instructions carefully

To maximize your learning and understanding of the material, we strongly recommend carefully reading the instructions and making an honest attempt at solving the problem yourself (i.e., on your own) before discussing it with anyone or asking for help.

This assignment should be your own work, done entirely by you using your own words and solutions. By submitting this assignment, you acknowledge that you have read the information on Academic Integrity and verify that this assignment constitutes your own work.

Important: The ok tests don’t usually tell you that your answer is correct. More often, they help catch careless mistakes. It’s up to you to ensure that your answer is correct. If you’re not sure, ask someone (not for the answer, but for some guidance about your approach).

Here’s the link to the HW02 notebook. As always, use this link to open the assignment to make sure you have the most up-to-date instructions and corrections.