INT5, Fall 2019

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Lecture Notes:

lecture date notes ready? description reading
2019-09-26 lec00 true Welcome and introductions Course Syllabus
2019-10-01 lec01 false Jupyter notebook demo; intro to Lab01
2019-10-03 lect02 false Cause and Effect
2019-10-08 lect03 false Expressions
2019-10-10 lect04 false Functions, Strings, and Arrays
2019-10-15 lect05 false Arrays, Ranges, and Tables
2019-10-17 lect06 false Tables
2019-10-22 lect07 true Array and Tables Review; Visualization
2019-10-24 lect08 false Exam Review
2019-10-31 lect09 true Functions and Histograms Chapter 7.2 and 8.1
2019-11-05 lect10 false Mid-quarter review; putting it all together
2019-11-07 lect11 false Loops and Simulation
2019-11-12 lect12 false Loops and Histograms (Review and Practice)
2019-11-14 lect13 false Loops, Histograms, Sampling
2019-11-19 lect14 true The Monty Hall Problem Chapter 9
2019-11-21 lect15 false Data Types, Visualizations, Sampling and Probability
2019-11-26 lec17 false Exam Review
2019-12-05 lec18 false Visualizations and Data Literacy