Project 1: Quantified Self

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Quantified Self

Project 1: Project Notebook

As we discussed during lecture, this part of the project aims to give you a taste of data collection and self-analysis.

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore: collect the data about yourself/your behavior and see for yourself.

Idenitfying the variables

Think about what numerical variables you can track (you should identify at least two but you can track more if you want). For example, you can track your hours of sleep and the number of Pomodoros you finished. The first variable (e.g., number of hours of sleep) is called an independent variable (also called an experimental / predictor variable). This is the variable you expect has the effect on the other variable (e.g., the number of Pomodoros), which is called a dependent variable (or an outcome variable).

In order to decide which numerical variables to track “[t]ry to guess what the record of your observations will look like after your project gets going. Do you think there will be a pattern?” (Advice from the Quantified Self website.)

Once you identify the variables you want to track, begin recording the values. By the end of the first week of December, you should have about two weeks worth of data that you have collected.

By Monday, Dec 2, submit your answers to the following questions via this Google form:

Data Collection

The way you collect data is up to you: you can record the values in the provided Jupyter notebook, you can use an Excel/Google spreadsheet, or you can use a tracker in your Bullet Journal.

You are allowed to use a device to help you collect the data (e.g., a (smart) watch, accelerometer).

You will need to submit your CSV / screenshots and create a table with your recorded values.


Feel free to work with someone from the class as your accountability buddy and to brainstorm ideas for this project. You don’t have to track the same variables, you are just helping each other stay accountable to collect the values for this project.


Plot the variables.


Compute the correlation.


Summarize the insights from your visualization and analysis.