Project 2: Project 2: Climate Change

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Project 2: Climate Prediction

Rules. Don’t share your code with anybody. You are welcome to discuss questions with other students, but don’t share the answers. The experience of solving the problems in this project will prepare you for exams (and life). If someone asks you for the answer, resist! Instead, you can demonstrate how you would solve a similar problem.

Support. You are not alone! Come to the open lab hours, post on Piazza, and talk to your classmates. If you want to ask about the details of your solution to a problem, make a private Piazza post and the mentors will respond. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or don’t know how to make progress, make a private Piazza post asking for help or ask one of the tutors during the time they are in the lab. Note that there are no open labs during the finals week but Prof. K will have her (modified) office hours.

Tests. The tests that are given are not comprehensive and passing the tests for a question does not mean that you answered the question correctly. Tests usually only check that your table has the correct column labels. However, more tests will be applied to verify the correctness of your submission in order to assign your final score, so be careful and check your work! You might want to create your own checks along the way to see if your answers make sense. Additionally, before you submit, make sure that none of your cells take a very long time to run (less than a couple of minutes).

Advice. Develop your answers incrementally. To perform a complicated table manipulation, break it up into steps, perform each step on a different line, give a new name to each result, and check that each intermediate result is what you expect. You can add any additional names or functions you want to the provided cells. Make sure that you are using distinct and meaningful variable names throughout the notebook. Along that line, DO NOT reuse the variable names that we use when we grade your answers. For example, in Question 1 of the Global Poverty section, we ask you to assign an answer to latest. Do not reassign the variable name latest to anything else in your notebook, otherwise there is the chance that our tests grade against what latest was reassigned to.

Before you submit your notebook, clear all output (Cell -> All Output -> Clear) and then run all cells (Cell -> Run All). Make sure there are no errors and that the output looks fine.