lab01 : Getting started

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This lab must be completed INDIVIDUALLY.

CoE Account

You will need the CoE account in order to log into the CoE lab computers. Use the following link to create an account: Once you create an account, you can use it to log into those computers. If you need to change anything about an account, use this link:

Lab 01: Expressions

First lab using Jupyter Notebook.

Always use this link in order to see the latest version of this assignment (just refreshing the page with the opened notebook will not work).

In today’s lab, you’ll learn how to:

  1. navigate Jupyter notebooks;
  2. write and evaluate some basic expressions in Python, the computer language of the course;
  3. call functions to use code other people have written; and
  4. break down Python code into smaller parts to understand it.

This lab covers parts of Chapter 3 of the online textbook You should read the book after the lab, especially if something is unclear.